Luton Tail Lift

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from £63.00 per day

Luton Tail Lift Luton Tail Lift Luton Tail Lift







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The Luton body van got its name from the town of Luton, where the earliest Bedford vans were fit with an extra portion of bodywork above the cab, this gave the vehicle the ability to carry high volume low weight loads.   All of our Luton vans come with electric tail lifts to help with loading the 4metre long 2 metre wide body. The vehicle can be driven with a standard licence and is most commonly used for house moves. Accomodates 2 passengers and a driver.

1-2 days (per day): £95.00

3-5 days (per day): £80.00

6-10 days (per day): £69.00

11-20 days (per day): £63.00

Weekend rate (Fri 17:30 - Mon 08:00): £190.00


*A £200 deposit will be payable on collection. The deposit will increase to £500 if the Excess Protection (CDW) is not purchased. Please see FAQs for more information.

All drivers must be present on collection of the vehicle and must bring with them:

  • Their photo card driving licence. If the driving licence is a non photo card paper licence, we also require a valid passport. Please note that we must be notified one working day in advance if the hirer holds a foreign drivers licence. Foreign licence holders or hirers with a non UK address must also bring a valid passport.
  • Proof of address, e.g. a letter, utility bill or bank statement. This must be dated within the last three months. Electronic copies are acceptable. you can show us on your phone, tablet or device.
  • Driving licence CHECK CODE which can be retrieved from

Please note:

  • Drivers must pay with a credit or debit card in their name unless the booking is under a business name in which case a business card must be used.
  • We do not accept Cash, AMEX, Visa Electron, Solo or any prepaid top up cards
  • If drivers have any convictions/endorsements on their driving licence from within the last 5 years please notify us at the time of booking. Some convictions/endorsements may prevent our insurer providing cover for the driver.
  • Drivers of 17 seat minibuses must have D1 classification on their driving licence and must be 25 or over and under 76.
  • Drivers of 7.5T wagon must have C1 classification on their driving licence and must be 25 or over and under 76.

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